Residency and postgraduate training

We assist in getting  places for residency and postgraduate training program  across europe for EU and non EU nationals. Below is a list of available specialties


Clinical allergology and immunology 4 years

Anaesthesia and intensive care 5 years

Infectious diseases 4 years

Cardiology 5 years

Diabetes, Nutrition and metabolic diseases 4 years

Gastroenterology 4 years

Haematology 4 years

Family medicine 3 years

Emergency medicine 5 years

Internal medicine 5 years

Medical oncology 5 years

paediatrics 5 years

Psychiatry 4 years


Cardiovascular surgery 6 years, General surgery 6 years, Paediatric surgery 5 years, Thoracic surgery 5 years, plastic surgery 5 years,  Neurosurgery 6 years, Obstetrics and gynaecology 5 years , orthopaedics and traumatology 5 years, ENT 4 years and Urology 5 years.

Residency application requirements

  1. Medical degree and transcript
  2. Proof of registration with medical council in your country
  3. High school diploma
  4. Birth certificate
  5. 6 recent photographs
  6. copy of passport
  7. Medical certificate confirming your fitness to practice medicine.

For further information and application processing send us an  email to or call +447404565046


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